Frequently Asked Questions

Other than “How soon can you get over here?” the questions people most frequently ask have to do with pricing, materials, and a guarantee. I’ve tried to list their most important concerns—and my responses—below.

How do you charge for your work?

I charge by the hour—normally $40 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Since no project is too small, I usually suggest that customers find another small job or two around the house to use up the minimum time left on really quick jobs. My charges are due and payable upon completion of the project. However, longer-term projects may require a phased payment arrangement. If I have to travel more than a half-hour each way to the job, I include the travel time in the job total. I don’t charge a “truck fee” or mileage, and I don’t charge for my tools unless I have to rent special tools for your project.


Can I get an estimate before you begin?

Yes. I’ll be happy to provide my best time estimate once I have a complete understanding of the work involved. Occasionally, there may be unanticipated challenges that come up during the job or customer changes to the scope of work that may require a re-estimate. Projects such as wallpaper stripping or repairs to old work are fraught with unknowns and may not be “estimatable” until the job is well underway, but I may be able to provide a cost “range” in such cases.


How do you charge for materials?

There are two ways to handle the cost of materials. Based upon my specifications, you may purchase the materials in advance and have them delivered to the work site, or I can select and purchase the materials for you and either bring them or have them delivered to the site. My time spent shopping and delivering materials would be billed at my regular rate. Any materials I purchase would be billed at cost plus 10%. Any contractor discounts I receive are passed on to the customer, and I would provide copies of the receipts. Large purchases of materials may require an advance payment.


Do you take away construction trash?

I clean up the work site at the end of each day. The trash resulting from most Handyman Services projects can easily be bagged and put out for your regular trash pickup. For jobs with large amounts of demolition or construction trash, I recommend that the customer rent a small disposal bin for the duration of the project. I cannot dispose of hazardous waste, but I may be able to find appropriate resources for you.


What kind of guarantee do you offer?

I provide a full customer satisfaction guarantee. That means I will immediately address any concerns you may have with my work until the issue is resolved to your complete satisfaction.


Who will come to my house?

Most Handyman Services projects require only one person to complete the job, and that person will be Steve Mills. In the rare cases where four or six hands are needed, I may require a laborer or two to assist me. These are young men I have employed in the past and have my complete trust. I take full responsibility for the quality of their work and their professionalism.


How small a project will you take on?

Since I have a two-hour minimum, I can take on the smallest project. Customers always get exactly what they pay for, because there are always at least two hours worth of projects worth doing in any home. On the other hand, if I think a project is too large, or not up my alley, I will tell you immediately—probably when you first call.


How far will you travel?

My service area includes all of the South Shore of Massachusetts extending north to Cambridge, west to Framingham, and south to Cape Cod, as necessary. I am a small independent contractor, so I can make any travel arrangement for any job that serves the customer and makes sense for me to take on. The following is a listing of the cities and towns in Massachusetts served by Steve Mills Handyman Services, but please call if your town is not listed or if you think you might live outside my primary service area.

Abington • Avon • Braintree • The Bridgewaters • Brockton • Canton • Cohasset • Duxbury • Easton • Hanover • Hanson • Hingham • Holbrook • Hull • Kingston • Marshfield • Norton • Norwell • Pembroke • Plymouth • Quincy • Randolph • Rockland • Scituate • Sharon • Stoughton • Weymouth • Whitman